About MetaCentrum Cloud


MetaCentrum Cloud consist of 13 computational clusters containing 201 hypervisors with sum of 5752 cores and 143 TB RAM. For applications with special demands cluster with local SSDs and GPU cards is available. OpenStack instances, object store and image store can leverage more than 400 TB highly available capacity provided by CEPH storage system.


MetaCentrum Cloud is built on top of OpenStack, which is a free open standard cloud computing platform and one of the top 3 most active open source projects in the world. New OpenStack major version is released twice a year. OpenStack functionality is separated into more than 50 services.

MetaCentrum Cloud current release

OpenStack Train

Deployed services

Following table contains list of OpenStack services deployed in MetaCentrum Cloud. Services are separated into two groups based on their stability and level of support we are able to provide. All services in production group are well tested by our team and are covered by support of cloud@metacentrum.cz. To be able to support variety of experimental cases we are planning to deploy several services as experimental, which can be useful for testing purposes, but it's functionality won't be covered by support of cloud@metacentrum.cz.

Service Description Type
cinder Block Storage service production
glance Image service production
heat Orchestration service production
horizon Dashboard production
keystone Identity service production
monasca Monitoring service experimental
neutron Networking service production
nova Compute service production
Octavia Load Balancing Service experimental
placement Placement service production
swift/s3 Object Storage service production

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