How To Contribute


Working with our documentation requires the following tools:

  • git for version control
  • nodejs and gitbook for content management

This documentation is written in the Markdown markup language.

# Debian
apt-get install nodejs git
# CentOS
yum install nodejs git
# Fedora
dnf install nodejs git

Or see NodeJS Documentation for distro-specific instructions.

Work-flow Overview

  1. Fork & clone repository
  2. Create a branch
  3. Commit your changes
  4. Push to the branch
  5. Create a Merge Request with the content of your branch

Fork Repository

See GitLab @ ICS MU for details. This will create your own clone of our repository where you will be able to make changes. Once you are happy with your changes, use GitLab to submit them to our original repository.

Clone Repository

# after creating your own copy of the repository on GitLab
git clone${GITLAB_USER}/documentation.git

Create New Branch

# in `documentation`
git checkout -b my_change

Install GitBook

npm install gitbook-cli -g

# in `documentation`
gitbook install

This step MAY require sudo depending on your system and NodeJS installation method.

Edit GitBook

# in `documentation`
gitbook serve

Edits will be show live in your browser window, no need to refresh.

Commit and Push Changes

git commit -am "My updates"
git push origin my_change

Submit Changes

Create a Merge Request via GitLab @ ICS MU.

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