How To Get Access

Access to MetaCentrum Cloud is granted to users with active accounts in one of the following identity federations

  • EGI Check-in*,

Users from the Czech academic community should always use the EINFRA CESNET identity provider, unless instructed otherwise by user support. Identity providers marked with * should only be used by international communities with explicitly negotiated resource allocations.

MetaCentrum Cloud provides the following ways for allocating resources

Personal Project

Personal projects are available automatically to all users of the Czech e-infrastructure for science, development, and education.

To register, follow instructions for registration in the MetaCentrum VO.

Resource allocation quotas on personal projects are severe and will not be extended. Personal projects are intended as a low-barrier entry into the infrastructure for testing and exploration of features. Any serious resource usage requires the use of a group project, see below.

The following already established terms and conditions apply

Group Project

Group projects are the primary resource allocation unit for MetaCentrum Cloud. Any user or a group of users requiring a non-trivial amount of resources must request a group project from User Support and provide the following basic information:

  • name of the project,
  • purpose of the project,
  • contact information,
  • amount and type of requested resources (please read first),
  • impact would the service have on unavailability for 1h, 1d, 1w,
  • estimated length of the project,
  • access control information (info).

Get access control information

Access control is based on information provided by the selected identity federation and is presented in the form of a VO name and, optionally, a group name. Every user with active membership in the specified VO/group will have full access to all resources of the requested group project. Membership is managed with tools provided by the selected identity federation, in a self-service manner.

If you already have VO/group, and already using services provided by the CESNET e-Infrastructure e.g. MetaCentrum, Data Care, or you represent a project internal to Masaryk University, please visit OpenID Connect User Profile according to your federation:

and provide us with information that you see on the page. That is going to be access control information.

If you haven't VO/group or you know nothing about it, please contact MUNI Identity Management team in order to create a new group within the Unified Login service.

In the request, describe that you need a group for accessing MetaCentrum Cloud and provide the following information:

After creating a group, you will be provided with a graphical interface for managing group members within the Perun system. And you will be able to make further adjustments to the member list on your own.

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